Frequently Asked Questions

Floor heating systems offer several advantages, including even heat distribution, energy efficiency, reduced allergens (as there are no air currents to spread dust), and the luxurious comfort of warm floors, especially in colder months.
Yes, floor heating works well with various flooring types, such as tile, stone, laminate, engineered wood, and even carpeting. However, it's crucial to choose the right system compatible with the specific flooring material.
Installation involves laying a network of heating elements (such as electric cables or water-based tubing) beneath the flooring. For electric systems, a qualified electrician is needed, while hydronic systems may require professional plumbing expertise.
Yes, modern floor heating systems are designed for efficiency. By evenly distributing heat, they often operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional heating methods, reducing overall energy consumption.
While floor heating can effectively heat rooms, it's often used as a supplementary heating method. However, in well-insulated spaces, some modern systems can serve as the primary source of heating, providing consistent warmth throughout the area.

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