Frequently Asked Questions

Freestanding baths offer flexibility in placement, a touch of elegance, and can act as a focal point in any bathroom. They also come in various designs, allowing for personalization of your space.
Yes, there are compact designs available that can fit into smaller bathrooms without compromising on style or comfort. It's important to measure your space before making a selection.
The weight varies significantly depending on the material, but on average, an empty acrylic freestanding bath can weigh anywhere from 30 to 45 kg, while a cast iron one can be over 150 kg.
Freestanding baths can be more of an investment initially; however, they offer distinct aesthetic and design advantages. The range in prices can accommodate various budgets.
Yes, our freestanding baths come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The duration and coverage details vary by brand and model, so be sure to review the warranty specifics for the bath you're interested in.

The Unmistakable Appeal of Freestanding Baths from Plumber Supplies

Freestanding baths are not just bathroom fixtures; they are works of art that enhance your space. At Plumber Supplies, our selection of freestanding tubs are crafted from premium materials for lasting beauty and durability. These baths offer a blend of luxury and practicality to fit any Australian home.

How to Choose the Perfect Freestanding Bath for Your Home

The freedom to position your freestanding bath makes it a versatile choice, but it also poses a challenge in terms of size, shape, and material. Our expert guides and customer testimonials are here to help you make an informed decision, from considerations on placement to choosing the right tapware.

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