Frequently Asked Questions

A wall hung pan is a type of toilet that's mounted on the wall, offering a sleek, space-saving design. Unlike traditional floor-mounted toilets, wall hung pans have their cistern concealed within the wall.
Yes, wall hung pans are suitable for bathrooms of various sizes. Their design often appeals to smaller spaces as they create the illusion of more room due to the visible floor area beneath the pan.
Wall hung pans require sturdy support. Not every wall is suitable, and installation often needs to be on a load-bearing wall. Seek professional advice or refer to installation guidelines for appropriate wall support.
Wall hung pans offer benefits such as space-saving design, easy cleaning due to the visible floor area, and customizable heights for user comfort. They also create a modern, minimalistic look in the bathroom.
Most wall hung pans are designed to work with standard plumbing fittings. However, the installation might require some adjustments to align with the specific design and size of the wall hung pan. It's recommended to consult a professional plumber for installation.

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