Frequently Asked Questions

An S Trap is a plumbing configuration used to maintain water in a drainpipe, preventing sewer gases from entering buildings. It's named for its shape resembling the letter 'S' and is commonly found in bathroom fixtures.
S Traps are commonly used for sinks, basins, and some other fixtures. However, local building codes might restrict their use in certain installations. It's essential to verify compliance and suitability for your specific plumbing needs.
You can identify an S Trap by observing the pipe shape under your sink or basin. It typically forms an 'S' shape, going downwards and then curving back up before connecting to the wall or floor drain.
Gurgling noises often indicate a ventilation problem in the plumbing system. S Traps might cause gurgling if there's improper venting, which can create air pressure imbalances. Consider consulting a plumber to address this issue.
In some cases, it's possible to replace an S Trap with a P Trap. However, this may involve adjustments to the plumbing layout, including changes in the piping. It's advisable to consult a professional plumber to ensure proper installation and adherence to local codes.

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